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Learn about creative YOUTH projects happening in Detroit and vote on which project to fund with the money raised from the dinner. Anyone is welcome to attend, but proposals must involve and should be presented by Detroit young people.

Our next Youth SOUP will be March 30, 2019

Durfee Innovation Society (2470 Collingwood Street)
Doors and Youth Build Bazaar at 1 PM

Presentations start at 2. Food around 3. Winner announced by 4.
$5 for SOUP, salad, bread and a vote!
SOUP is a potluck! Feel free to bring a dish to share – If you do, please email us at so we know what to expect.

Working on a project that benefits Detroit youth? Submit to Youth SOUP!

Submit Youth SOUPProposals are due 10 days before the dinner (March 20th). All projects must benefit Detroit youth and youth involved with the project must be prepared to make a four-minute presentation about the project in front of a large audience.


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March 2014 Youth SOUP Winner:

The Young Educators Alliance went home with $1,017


Project Contact: Siwatu-Salma Ra,

Project Summary: 
The Young Educators Alliance is a group of young Detroit leaders who tackle social and environmental justice issues through community awareness programs like Feed 1 Teach 1, creating films, participating in public demonstrations, interviewing and telling the community’s stories. We have hosted two Feed 1 Teach 1 events already, each one welcoming 70-90 youth and other community members. YEA has facilitated High School Day workshops for graduating 8th graders, and Feed 1 Teach 1 workshops to teach high school students how they can create fun “edutainment” community events on their own. YEA uses peer mentoring models to teach our members how to outreach to their peers and facilitate empowering messages to the Detroit community. All in all, YEA members use their creativity to advocate for healthy environments in Detroit. We are based In the Cass Cooridor Commons and we are making a Hip Hop media mixtape to produce and promote powerful and educational messages.

Why does this project matter to Detroit youth and the community?

Using a very loved and popular communication mechanism like Hip-hop, we will use our creative talents to speak to our peers in our own language so that we can take a stand and empower ourselves to transform our communities. We will create a media mixtape that will hold a variety of seven songs that we will record and produce that will address gentrification, misogyny, and access to healthy food.

What is the time frame for your project and how could you share its progress/completion at an upcoming SOUP?
Between now and mid June 2014, we will share our progress with a presentation and performance from our hip-hop mixtape. This winter we are in the process of brainstorming and songwriting; we will record in the Spring.

How would you use SOUP grant funding the realization of your project?

The money will go to post production and material production which includes studio and recording time, purchasing cd’s, graphic design for cd covers, promotion.