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Through the amazing efforts of committed ambassadors, Detroit SOUP has been able to help Detroiters fund creative projects in their neighborhoods since 2013. We work with allies in Detroit’s neighborhoods to create dinners that help people think about things like collaboration and democracy and resource sharing and conversation and respect in neighborhoods across the city.
This beautiful little dinner is about Detroit, it’s about our neighborhoods, and it’s about you. Detroiters voices are being heard. We are so proud of the work done in Detroit, but we are determined to work harder and be better. Detroiters deserve that promise.

We want Detroit SOUP to open the stage up for neighborhoods to:

  • Empower residents
  • Help create jobs
  • Allow people to establish new relationships and networks
  • Promote action and change
  • Foster critical dialogue
  • Instill neighborhood pride
  • Provide a deeper understanding of democracy

In an effort to foster community relationships and encourage neighbors to get together, share a meal, and fund neighborhood-based projects, we’re working with allies to start and sustain neighborhood SOUP dinners.

Right now we’re working with residents in: