Join us in Brightmoor for SOUP! Learn about creative projects happening in the neighborhood and vote on which project to fund with the money raised from the dinner.

Next Dinner: Monday, October 12

At St. Christine’s Soup Kitchen

22261 Fenkell, Detroit
Doors at 6p

Presentations start by 6:30. Dinner by 7. Winner announced by 8.
$5 for SOUP, salad and a vote!

How it works:
Attendees pay $5 for soup & salad and vote on which project they think benefits the community the most. The winner goes home with all of the money raised at the door to carryout their project! At the dinner, Brightmoor residents and supporters connect, share ideas and community resources. Each dinner also features a local artist!

Working on a project that benefits the Brightmoor community? Submit your B SOUP proposal here.

Submit to B SOUP for a chance to win money, resources and ideas to help you carry out your project. Proposals are due by Monday, October 5  by 11:59p. The B SOUP board meets to discuss and select the top four proposals, which will be presented at the dinner.

Join us for a SOUP Proposal Workshop!
Saturday, April 5 from 10-12 at Always Brewing Detroit. RSVP and get more information here.

January Winner: PRESENT! In Brightmoor, $310.10

B Jan Winner

Project Contact: Molly Sweeney,

Project Summary
Present! In Brightmoor is a community group in Brightmoor. It is a collaboration between the Brightmoor Pastor ALliance, Brightmoor Alliance, and the six schools in Brightmoor. Our goal is to have 100% of Brightmoor children at school, all day, on time 97% of the time. We want to tackle the problem of school attendance in Brightmoor. 63% of Brightmoor Students are chronically absent, meaning they miss more than 10 days of school. Chronically absent students are more likely to drop out and read below grade level.
As a community we are working to address the systemic barriers to our students attending schools and implement policy solutions to address them.

How does the project benefit the Brightmoor community?
We define chronic absenteeism as 10 or more days of school missed.
A.) 63% of Brightmoor students missed 10 days of school or more in 2012.

B.) 7.5 out of every 10 elementary school students in Brightmoor missed more than 10 days of school in 2012.

C.) 50% of all high school students in Brightmoor missed 10 or more days of school in 2012.

D.) A sixth grader with poor attendance is 75% more likely to drop out of high school.
Our goal is for 100% of the kids to be in school 97% of the time, which means missing no more than 5 days of school. We’re well aware that as an organization we are aiming high and we fully intend to get as far as we have aimed.

What is the time frame for your project and how could you share its progress/completion at an upcoming B SOUP?
Our project will be on-going. We hope to have the community promotional campaign up and running by March. We also would like to have all of our volunteer clearance done ASAP. We can share our progress at the next Brightmoor Soup.

How will you use SOUP grant funding towards the realization of your project?
Funds will be used to help pay for 3 things:
1) security clearances for each Present! In Brightmoor volunteer which is required for all persons who choose to work with school youth.

2) to pay for a driver stipend for the City Covenant bus, which is transporting 15 chronically absent students at Detroit Innovation Academy daily.

3) to create a neighborhood promotional campaign about Present! In Brightmoor. Funds will pay for signage and stipends for local artists (youth and adults) to create visuals/signs.