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Next Dinner: NEIdeas People’s Choice SOUP is Thursday, December 11

The Jam Handy, 2900 E. Grand Blvd

The People’s Choice Awards will culminate at Detroit SOUP: NEIdeas Edition on December 11th, where every business will have an opportunity to pitch their idea for growth. The live audience will cast the final paper votes and the two winners will be revealed.

Dinner: Thursday, December 11
Detroit SOUP 
2900 E. Grand Blvd. 
Detroit, Mi 48202

Doors at 6:00pm
Proposals at 7:00pm
Dinner around 8
Winners announced before 9:00pm

We believe that a great idea can help a good business grow. Your vote can help!

Visit NEIdeasdetroit.org to see all four ideas, then text the vote code representing your favorite business to 22333 through December 11th.
You can have a hand in making two business owners’ ideas a reality! The winning businesses will receive $10,000!

Voters will also have the opportunity to cast their votes via Twitter by tweeting their favorite vote code to @poll and by visitinghttp://neideasdetroit.org/peoples-choice/. Voters have one unique vote per cell phone, Twitter account and web IP address.




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September SOUP Winner: Clean Up Detroit went home with $909.50

Clean Up Detroit


Project Contact:Clean Up Detroit



Project Summary

Clean Up Detroit will benefit the community in many ways. The most important thing that we promise to do is clean up and restore neglected and abandoned lots. We plan on doing this by heading out into the community, walking the streets, to find abandoned homes, lots, and neglected areas. We will then cut away, clear, remove and restore the abandoned lots to its original state. Mr. Jackson and Clean Up Detroit will provide regular maintenance of all lots, and properties on a consistent basis. It is Mr. Jackson’s passion to not only start the process of cleaning up lots, but maintaining the cleanup as well.

We really feel that Clean Up Detroit will make a difference, in our communities, first and foremost for the safety of our children. Many of our children have to walk to and from school, or throughout their neighborhoods at different times for various reasons. With Clean Up Detroit clearing out and cleaning out abandoned lots, boarding up abandoned houses and removing debris from open spaces, streets and driveway, children will be provided with a clear and safe area to walk in. Additionally, by one organization cleaning up lots and restoring old properties, it may influence neighbors to either volunteer or clean up their properties.

Since we met with Detroit Soup we have a new addition of our Clean Up Detroit phone line. The line is made available 24 hours a day to any one in the community who has a clean up needed in their community. We will return their call and clean up the requested area. The Clean Up Detroit number is 313-438-1571 ext. 2.


Why does this project matter to the Detroit Community?

Safety is the first reason why this project will matter to the Detroit Community. Everyone has a right to feel safe in the community where they live, work and play. This project matters to the Detroit Community, because we would like to assist in making Detroit a better place, and we are on our way. Our contribution is to do this by mowing lawn, removing debris, cleaning up littered lots,restoring desolate homes and eventually neglected neighborhoods. We all need to work together to transform Detroit back to the fabulous Motor City – the City of Motown it once was,so we are committed to cleaning up a few lots in your community, and after the cleanup leaving a Clean Up Detroit lawn sign to let everyone know, that we here at Clean Up Detroit ….care.


How will you use SOUP grant funding towards the realization of your project? Our goal is to purchase an enclosed trailer to carry our equipment to clean up sites. Additionally funding will be used for garbage bags, safety goggles, rakes, clippers, first aid kit, plastic gloves, and other clean up materials.


What is he timeframe for your project and how could you share its progress/completion at an upcoming SOUP?Our time frame is to complete the job in 30 days. We would love to share about our progress and completion using a slideshow presentation.